Our Ethos



Sustainability stem by stem;

At Stile and Blooms, our ethos lies in growing local seasonal blooms while championing a reduction in the carbon footprint of the flower industry. 

Its staggering to know that 90% of flowers purchased in Britain are imported from the Netherlands and increasingly from countries as far away as Kenya. The high level of energy that is needed to grow flowers out of season in hothouses and also to fly them to the UK has a significant environmental impact.

When you choose a bunch of British-grown flowers its only 10% of the carbon emissions compared to those of the Dutch and Kenyan flower growers. Supporting a local flower farmer such as us at Stile & Blooms goes even further, contributing a mere 5% to the carbon footprint. 

It was not only our love of flowers but also our desire to reduce our carbon footprint of the flower industry that lead us to starting our flower farm. 

Doing our bit further, our flowers are also grown organically without harmful pesticides and fertilizers. We only use peat free compost or manure on the beds and when we set up the beds themselves were made using the ‘no dig’ method to ensure that the soil is minimally disturbed. This is all to hopefully provide a vital diverse ecosystem and support the wildlife on the farm.

We endeavour to reduce our use of single use plastic, reuse & recycle where ever possible and to minimise waste as much as we can. Any compostable waste is put into our designated compost bins to do the cycle of life but any surplus flowers we aim to dry and then you can enjoy have a year round supply of stunning blooms.

This complete business ethos of sustainability and minimising environmental impact not only provides you with beautiful seasonal arrangements but also actively contributes to reducing our collective carbon footprint, stem by stem.

Finally, we take pride in our affiliation with Flowers From the Farm, an esteemed non-profit organisation dedicated to championing artisan growers of seasonal, scented, and locally grown cut flowers. 

Join us in our journey towards a more sustainable floral industry sharing beautiful  British flowers that are grown with environmental responsibility.


Farewell wreaths

Our living wreaths have a mixture of plants, bulbs and flowers...some of which can be planted out to be enjoyed for years to come.

All made using sustainable techniques.

Living wreaths - a circle of life

Farewell flower sheaves

Seasonal flowers and foliage hand-tied to celebrate and cherish someone special.

Farewell flower sheaf

Casket sprays

A seasonal celebration of flowers and foliage. Each arrangement is made using the best of the season and sustainable floristry techniques, having flowers and foliage from end to end.

Casket Sprays

Thank you!

'Hi and thank you so much, the flowers were beautiful and exactly as my Mum had requested'

'The flowers came home with us afterwards and are now displayed in numerous vases, so we can now enjoy the beauty of them still ...many thanks M'