British Spring Flowers are here!

Sustainable Locally Grown Flowers

Our passion is growing seasonal British flowers in a sustainable way so that you can enjoy locally grown flowers that haven't travelled thousands of miles or damaged the earth in their production.

We feel there is a need for more transparency in the flower industry and we know just how our flowers have been grown and exactly what has been added to them (the natural beauty of our seasons and elements) and where they have come from.

As a trained agriculturalist, florist and educators it has always been something we've always done; sharing our floral passion of British flowers with family and friends, we felt it was time for us to wish to share this further. You could call it our mid-life crisis but it felt so right and so Stile and Blooms was born!

So from our Derbyshire Farm we supply local fresh & dried flowers that are grown with expertise and love in their natural surroundings using the sun, soil and natural elements (no matter how challenging they can be). We bring flowers that have been "grown not flown" to everyone to enjoy whatever the occasion.

Our passion is to bring British grown flowers to everyone's home stem by stem...from seed to vase,bouquet or posy.

We sow, we grow, we know...where our flowers come from

From seed to vase

Beautiful locally grown British blooms for every occasion

Fresh flowers for collection and local delivery

From seed to everlasting

Naturally dried flowers - making their beauty last longer.

Naturally dried flowers and arrangements

From seed to your special day

Wedding flowers - perfection for your special day.

Wedding flower collection

Everlasting memories

Farewell flowers to show you care

Our farewell flower collection