Our Dried Flowers

Timeless Beauty: Our Dried flower collection

A proportion of our flowers are dried, this not only minimises waste but also means you can enjoy the beauty of flowers all year round.

Drying flowers is an art, timing is everything, taking the utmost care in choosing the perfect moment to pick British blooms.  The flowers we use are then carefully hung and time slows down; every petal is given the care it deserves to dry slowly and beautifully.

This transformation as their colours and hue gracefully evolve over time, is amazing to see and the result is the most stunning and long-lasting flowers.

Mini wreaths

Made on a willow base our mini wreaths are a little treat for yourself or a little gift for someone to enjoy in their home.

Mini Dried wreaths

Milk Bottle arrangements

Just a little something that brings an everlasting touch to your home. Each arrangement is carefully chosen and displayed in it's own glass bottle.

Dried milk bottle arrangements

Jam Jar posies

Our jam jar posies are the perfect gift. They come ready arranged and are just waiting to be enjoyed.

Jam Jar Posies


Our bunches come in a range of colours and sizes for any occasion. Perfect as a gift, a little treat or something just to brighten every day...for longer.

Dried flower bunches


Our bouquets are the perfect gift to send to someone special. All made with love and care.

Dried flower bouquets