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On half an acre of our 2 acre plot we grow, care for, cherish and nurture our beautiful British blooms. We embrace the seasons, the natural Derbyshire climate and soil to grow our flowers as nature intended, meaning in return they bring the brightest of blooms and the most fragrant of scents.

When the flowers are at their freshest we share these with others, as well as dry them naturally so that they can be enjoyed for months and years to come.

In our drying shed our flowers take on a different colour and tone over time as they naturally dry and change in hue.

Nature really is a wonderful thing; the pop of brightness when fresh, the gentler hue when dried.


Farewell wreaths

Our living wreaths have a mixture of plants, bulbs and flowers...some of which can be planted out to be enjoyed for years to come.

All made using sustainable techniques.

Living wreaths - a circle of life

Farewell flower sheaves

Seasonal flowers and foliage hand-tied to celebrate and cherish someone special.

Farewell flower sheaf

Casket sprays

A seasonal celebration of flowers and foliage. Each arrangement is made using the best of the season and sustainable floristry techniques, having flowers and foliage from end to end.

Casket Sprays

Thank you!

'Hi and thank you so much, the flowers were beautiful and exactly as my Mum had requested'

'The flowers came home with us afterwards and are now displayed in numerous vases, so we can now enjoy the beauty of them still ...many thanks M'